mirrorWhen your car, truck, or SUV is in reverse, how confident are you that your rear view is completely unobstructed? Many of us—particularly owners of large SUVs, pickup trucks, and hatchbacks—actually have quite an impaired view of the space behind our vehicles. When you can’t see clearly out of the back of your car, you’re putting your vehicle, nearby objects, and even other individuals in harm’s way. If you’re interested in creating a safer driving experience for yourself and others, get a backup camera from CHT Mobile of Cincinnati. We have a large inventory of backup cameras in several different styles, and our specialists are more than equipped to install the model of your choosing. A rear-view camera is the only surefire way to avoid endangering pedestrians, nearby structures, and other vehicles, so get yours installed today!

Did you know that hundreds of backover incidents are reported each year? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, backover collisions kill an average of 300 people every year—nearly half of whom are children under five years old. Given these troubling statistics, lawmakers are pushing for federal legislation mandating that manufacturers include backup cameras in all new vehicles. However, if you want total safety and protection at this very moment, your only option is to get your backup camera installed by CHT Mobile of Cincinnati. You shouldn’t have to buy a brand-new vehicle to enjoy the advantages of a rear-view camera—instead, let our experts outfit your car with the unobstructed view you deserve.

sensorsWe’ll be able to provide you with the most reliable backup cameras around and create the safest driving experience possible. Whether you want a wireless backup camera for distraction-free driving or a rearview mirror camera for sleek subtlety, our inventory is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. At CHT Mobile of Cincinnati, we make certain to keep a wide variety of rear-view cameras in stock because we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the utmost safety and peace of mind. All of our products, from wireless backup camera systems to HID headlights, are designed to give you the highest level of satisfaction imaginable. More importantly, our expert installers will ensure your vehicle is treated with keen attention to detail and thorough accuracy, thus making certain you’ll enjoy optimal performance from your equipment for years to come.

CHT Mobile of Cincinnati has the selection of rearview mirror camera and wireless backup camera units you need to save young lives and avoid paying heaps of money in property damage. If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of backup cameras, call or e-mail CHT Mobile of Cincinnati today!
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