UPGRADE Your POWER… by adding a battery to your system

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Battery

BATTERYWatching the lights in your car flicker and dim as your stereo system demands more electrical power, probably isn’t the kind of light show you were hoping to go with your music. You might notice little failures like these (or larger ones!) when the combination of your car’s regular electrical systems and your stereo’s system require more power than what is currently available. Luckily for you, you don’t have to choose between your system and properly powering the rest of your car’s electrical needs. A simple and effective way to make sure your car is completely powered up is to increase the power by adding a battery to your system.

Do I need to power up?

AVGThe average vehicle on the road today comes from the factory with a 90amp alternator and will draw around 50 amps of current to run the AC, lights, head unit and other stock electrical systems. If you add in a 1,000 watt RMS system and you are going to add in around 80 more amps of draw. This puts the vehicle pulling 130amps, when it is only equipped to supply 90amps. That’s 40 amps more pull than the vehicle can produce. This is when you start to see headlights dimming, amplifiers going into protect, and even amplifiers burning up. This is where an upgraded battery under the hood or secondary battery can add in a buffer to keep your vehicles electrical systems running properly.

Also, if you’re someone who listens to your system with the engine off, whether you’re having a tailgate party or just enjoying your awesome system with your friends, we recommend adding another battery. The best way to decide what is best to keep your car and system bumping, is to talk to your local specialist. In the meantime, find more information about quality power for your vehicle by visiting us and our showroom..

helpIn the winter months the most common electrical systems used in a vehicle is the heater, defroster, and the all-important remote start. It is so easy to pick up the remote start remote and start your vehicle while you are getting ready, so when you get in the vehicle is warm and your windows are already defrosted. Well you can get the top of the line best remote start offered on the market today installed in your vehicle, but it is useless if you do not have a good battery under the hood of the vehicle to actually start the vehicle! Working with electrical systems can be tricky and even dangerous so please leave this one to the professionals.

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